Shedding Some Light on UV Tattoos


This past weekend was Family Weekend at the college my sister attends. My parents and I went up to visit her, where we played games at a carnival, ate cotton candy, and met her roommate. We went out to lunch afterwards, because my sister can’t have a car on campus, and talked about all the cool things she’s been up to. One thing she told me about was a UV tattoos she got. One was a heart, and the other was a cool butterfly. I figured this would be a good topic to learn more about, especially since it was relevant.

Normal tattoo ink is made up of different colored pigments: some mineral, industrial-based, vegetable based, plastic-based, and industrial pigments. Different colored inks are made up of different compounds. UV tattoo ink is a different story. For one thing, UV tattoo ink is thinner, and takes longer to apply. However, UV ink is a combination of normal tattoo ink and UV reactive ink. Like normal tattoo ink, UV ink comes in a variety of colors.

Many people want to get UV tattoos as soon as they see one, due to the fact they are nearly invisible except for light scarring, and are something cool to show off to others. It can be more private too, as it is not always visible. Despite its popularity, many tattoo shops do not offer it. This is because there are safety concerns, as well as it is a medium that is slightly harder to work with, as well as the fact that many people reported rashes and other skin infections because of them. After a while, the tattoo ink can fade into a yellow-brown color. However, phosphorus, which used to be contained in UV tattoo ink, is no longer there, which may lead to a decrease in the skin infections. Make sure wherever you go, if you decide to get a tattoo, you know where the ink comes from and what is in it.

GOing in, I didn’t really know that much about tattoos, because I never seriously thought about getting one. I still won’t, but I realize that it is a more in-depth and complicated than it frist seemed. The fact that some tattoo dyes are based off plants and minerals, like colors in shirts, should have been obvious, but I didn’t think that because it was ink. I hadn’t heard of UV tattoos before, either, so it was really interesting to learn about something I didn’t know existed as an option. Not only are they more private, but they look amazing! While I wouldn’t get a permanent tattoo, it would so cool to have a temporary UV tattoo. However, where the ink comes from would have to be looked into before I got any type, just to be safe! All in all, UV tattoos are a neat subject that I now know so much more about!


So Ta Ta for now and hope to see your chemical reaction soon!


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