Crackle, Crackle POP!

Next week is spirit week, and some people do crazy things. Some people wear school colors
in their hair, go above and beyond expectations, and,
of course, try to look the best. One fashionable way to stand out is to wear statement clothing. But you can also dress up your nails!

One type of nail polish in particular used to be a huge craze labeled “Crackle”. These nail polishes, applied over a first base coat of any color. After it is dry, you would apply the crackle, which literally crackles on your nails only a few seconds after applying. Depending on how thick your crackle coat is, the times for a pattern to paper varies. A top coat can then be applied.

Crackle is a clever tool for nails. It forms a broken pattern over the nails, similar to those scratch pads that are originally black but scratch off to be rainbow underneath. However, crackle is created through using alcohol to break the nail polish down faster and unevenly. The crackle forms a film over the original nail polish, but shrinks and dissolves as it dries, creating small lines in between the nail polish. This trend is really a nail polish test gone wrong, just as it says on In the article, it goes into more detail, especially with specific ingredients. The link is below.

I didn’t really consider crackle as something with a chemical reaction, but, realizing it has to dissolve something to get that effect, I learned more about the effect that alcohol can have on certain substances. While the trend has died down, people still use it, and it is so cool that I can go up to them and tell them that a) their wearing chemistry and b) how they are wearing it. Just knowing something that is so intertwined with our culture is amazing. It broadens my knowledge and I have opened my eyes to just how much our world reflects chemistry.

So ta ta for now and hope to see your chemical reaction soon!



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