Hormonal Shoppers?

While surfing the web one afternoon, I came across a video about how to shop. It mostly talked about when the best time to shop was and when to shop in regard to how hungry you are.  At the very end, however, was something I did not expect, that you get a hormonal rush after you make a bargain.  In other words, when you are felling happy after saving money, it’s really your hormones going crazy. After looking it up, I could find little about that exact case study, but managed to find information about girls, more specifically, how our periods turn us into the best customer for stores: impulse buyers.

I do not know anyone who enjoys their period. I mean like as a whole. It would be bad if we couldn’t reproduce, but most aspects are not fun. Anyway, PMS, or premenstrual symptoms, come about a week or two before the actual menstruation begins. During this time period, women often have mood swings, are stressed out, and their bodies go crazy. Our immune systems are down, stress is high, and everything is upped a level: oil production, hair growth, etc. During this time, women, with their wild mood swings, are bound to feel down. A favorite female pastime is, you guessed it, shopping! However, we don’t just want to get something cute or cool accessories, we want to get something that flatters us. Many women, when they are upset, or anyone for that matter, often buy materialistic objects so they feel satisfied, when they really are not. Scientists state that during their most fertile days, approximately the two weeks before their period, many dress up nicer. This is from an animal instinct, as an animal’s goal is to survive, and to pass down his or her genes, must be impressive in order to attract a suitable mate. In order to dress nice, many women want to add to their closets. However, during a study, many (the number was not specified on the website) said that after spending more than they wanted to, they often wished they hadn’t spent the money and try to return it when possible.

I did not know about this, despite that our hormones go insane. I knew basic information about what hormones can do, but never thought about the influence it could have on something as regular as shopping. I’ll definitely watch out the next time I suddenly want to go shopping!

To avoid these impulsive habits, try not to shop in that 14 day period. For more information, check out the links below, or pick up a copy of Sheconomics, as recommended by one of the websites.


http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7971578.stm (The really good site with lots of information and books)
http://screen.yahoo.com/daily-shot-with-ali-wentworth/four-words-discount-110000298.html (my inspiration for this post)

So ta ta for now and hope to see your chemical reaction soon!


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