So many choices…of water?

I drink bottles water all the time! I’m always on the go and I usually grab the water bottle that’s closest or cheapest. Recently, I read an article that told me what water I should drink when. Excuse me? Since when is there a “right and wrong” to water? Since the need for competition in the world of water. There are so many different brands: Poland spring, Fiji, waa-tah!, and more! There are also the generic brands from CVS and Shoprtie, not to mention flavored water, vitamin water, water addins, and sparkling water. Although the article was reasonably short, there were many interesting points within it.

The  article contained quotes from Martin Riese, who recently created a water menu for Ray’s & Stark Bar in Los Angeles. “Water is not just water,” says Riese. He means that there are so many different things in water today, it is never just water. In the article, he gave his opinion on different brands of water and when to drink them.

For after a workout, Riese suggests a brand fro. Germany called Gerolsteiner.  He states it contains a lot of minerals and has carbon dioxide, which is used for refreshing bubbles, meaning that it is used only for enjoyment. Another foreign brand, Riese wrote,  “Badoit from France is easy to drink because it has very tiny bubbles and a good amount of minerals to keep you energized at throughout the day. Plus, the magnesium content helps you relax and concentrate.” For this brand, he believes is best used at a desk. Also from Europe, Vichy Catalan from Spain  is the best water in place of a cocktail. It “…has a unique taste thanks to the total dissolved solids, or TDS, which means it has a high mineral content…” says Riese. He also suggest adding it to another cocktail for a more complex taste. When eating broccoli or another vegetable, it is best to drink Iskilde from Denmark, as it has “earthy notes”. However,  with a salad with vinaigrette, Riese feels 9th is better for cutting the acidity. The last advice Riese gave to us was what to keep by the bed. This should be a familiar name, as he recommends Fiji water for its minerals. Riese also said a cold glass will help the stomach react better to caffeine. 

Wow! I did not realize just how many different types of water there were! In addition,  who knew how many different effects there were of different kinds of water! To read the full article, clink the link below.


So ta ta for now and I hope to see your chemical reaction soon!


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