Fake Snow???


Okay, so maybe this picture doesn’t have fake snow, but that does’t mean we can’t make it! Fake snow can be made with paper, you know, cutting out triangles and stuff, but I think it’ll be more fun to use chemistry!

This fake snow is made of polymers. It is non-toxic, can feel cool to the touch, and can last for days! You can always buy fake snow, but it will be *cooler* to make it yourself. You can get a polymer called sodium polyacrylate from disposable diapers or as crystals in a garden center. All you have to do is just add water. Literally! Just add water! Then you can mix it so it feels like a gel. You can add as much water as you want to get your desired effect. Don’t worry, the gel won’t dissolve. It just depends on how slushy you like your snow. If you want to make your snow even cooler, literally, put it into the fridge. It won’t dry out, and you can always add more water.

When you are done with your snow, not that you would ever get rid of it, you can throw it out. If you want colored snow, you can mix in some food coloring. For drier snow, you can add some salt to it to help absorb the water.

Warning: Do Not Eat. Non-toxic doesn’t mean edible.


So ta ta for now and I hope to see your chemical reaction soon!


2 thoughts on “Fake Snow???

  1. Woo polymers falling from the sky! I feel like doing this during the summer and putting a ton of it on my lawn to confuse people.

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